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  • Lib Dem Europe image
    Article: Aug 19, 2017

    Are you aged between 16-26 and interested in learning more about the UK and its working partnerships with Europe? Or know someone who may be interested?

    Thanks to the Richmond in Europe Association, we are delighted to invite our members to apply to be one of the 80 delegate from France, Italy, the Czech Republic & the UK to join 20 German delegates in Konstanz, which lies on the Swiss border, to discuss the future of Europe.

    It is an unbelievable opportunity for our younger members & supporters to network with their contemporaries from across Europe in a beautiful setting for a worthwhile cause. And whats more, it is free!

    All you have to do is be available between the 1st - 7th November 2017 and contact the team either by email at richmondineurope@hotmail.com or by telephone on 0208 890 0202.

    For more information, click here to see the full brochure or to find out more about the association, visit https://richmondineurope.com/.

  • Brexit
    Article: Aug 19, 2017

    Ministers have privately admitted that the government may not start negotiating Britain's future trade relationship with the EU until the end of the year, it emerged today.

    This comes despite David Davis insisting back in May that talks on a future trade agreement would take place in parallel with negotiation over the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

  • South-West train enters station
    Article: Aug 16, 2017

    This steep hike to rail fares will be a bitter blow for passengers struggling with overcrowded and unreliable trains.

    This is the biggest annual price hike in 5 years.

    The fact that fare rises are soaring above wage increases is another sign that people are losing out from higher inflation since the referendum.

  • Vince Cable
    Article: Aug 16, 2017

    Vince Cable has challenged David Davis to answer six questions over plans set out on future customs arrangements after Brexit.

    The government is offering two ways forward but won't tell us which it prefers. That's no doubt because cabinet ministers can't even agree amongst themselves.

    These plans are more concerned with papering over the cracks within the Conservative party than protecting our economy.

    All those industries that depend on membership of the customs union, from the car industry to aerospace, still have no clear idea what is coming down the track.

    All they know is that instead of jumping off a cliff in 18 months, the government now wants to do so in a few years' time.

    The government must come clean over the real costs of these plans for British businesses and consumers.

  • Article: Aug 16, 2017

    Real wages fell by 0.5% in the three months to June 2017 compared with a year earlier, figures from the Office for National Statistics today have revealed.

    Average weekly earnings increased by 2.1%, but with inflation standing at 2.6% real earnings still fell by 0.5%.

    This is a direct consequence of the higher inflation we have seen since the EU referendum.

  • Article: Aug 12, 2017

    New Treasury figures have revealed that the UK made a net payment of roughly £156m a week to the European Union in 2016/17, the lowest level for five years.

    Treasury figures suggest the UK's net contribution to the EU budget for the 12 months to March 2017 was £8.1bn, or around £156m a week.

    The Leave campaign promised £350m extra a week for the NHS.

  • Article: Aug 12, 2017

    The UK's monthly trade deficit soared by £2bn in June, driven by a 3.5% slump in exports, figures from the Office of National Statistics have revealed.

    The figures also show that exports to EU countries increased by 2.0% between the first and second quarters of the year, while exports to non-EU countries fell by 1.4%.

  • Vince Cable (Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)
    Article: Aug 12, 2017
    By Vince Cable MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

    Reports have claimed that that two cabinet ministers have expressed an interest in forming a new anti-Brexit party.

    As leader, I am determined that the Liberal Democrats will provide a home for all those who are unhappy with Brexit and the paths the other parties are taking.

    But equally, we are prepared to work with people of all parties and none to get the best possible future for this country.

  • Article: Jul 20, 2017

    Vince Cable, the new Leader of the Liberal DemocratsI want to lead the Liberal Democrats because I am ambitious about our future.

    I believe we are the only party that can represent the millions of liberal-minded people alarmed by the direction this country is taking: people, whether they voted remain or leave, who hate the intolerance, xenophobia and division that the Brexit vote unleashed.

  • Cllr Sandra Dunn
    Article: Jul 15, 2017

    After the tragic events at Grenfell Towers local Liberal Democrat Councillor, Sandra Dunn, has questioned Spelthorne's MP to enlist his support for strengthening local fire safety. She recently wrote to Kwasi Kwarteng as shown below:

    I was going to ask you a question at last week's LOSRA meeting but unfortunately you were not able to attend due to your duties in Parliament so I am taking the opportunity to email you the question as I feel it is a very important one and needs addressing.

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