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Lib Dem group with Vince Cable - narrow format

2019 Election Manifesto

  • World on fire climate change 2
    Article: Dec 9, 2019
  • £800 tax cut for 24m workers (Stirling and Clacks Scottish Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Dec 9, 2019

    Workers' rights would be even further watered down in Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement when compared to May's. This phrase of 'no regression' replaced an entire section of May's deal, which was dedicated to protecting workers' rights. But this is exactly what Johnson wants.

    The economic argument for Brexit, put forward by Johnson, Farage and their financial backers is one of de-regulation.

  • Containers and trade
    Article: Dec 9, 2019

    "Within minutes of a vote for Brexit the CEO's of Mercedes, BMW, VW and Audi will be knocking down Chancellor Merkel's door demanding that there be no barriers to German access to the British market" - David Davis

    This is wrong on so many levels.

    David Davis is living in a Brexit fantasy land, and risking our future prosperity in the process.

  • Liberal Democrats demand better
    Article: Dec 9, 2019

    It's , and this one relates to the pottery industry.

    Turns out the former trade minister was guilty of a "proliferation of guff" when talking about the industry 👇https://www.libdems.org.uk/12-lies-of-brexit

    Embedded video

    Remaining in the Customs Union would mean pottery businesses would "go to the wall". - Former Trade Minister, Greg Hands

  • Better together in the EU
    Article: Dec 7, 2019

    "If we vote to leave then I think the union will be stronger" - Michael Gove.

    This is a completely indefensible argument.

    The Scottish Nationalist Party are calling for a new independence referendum, using the vote to leave the European Union as a way to drive their argument.

    This would be a disaster for Scotland, and the rest of the UK.

  • Do we work with and for the future? Or help the reactionaries cling to the past? (Jordan Richmond – Flickr Commons)
    Article: Dec 6, 2019

    Our country and our businesses deserve better than a choice between a hard Brexit under Johnson or the hard left under Corbyn.

    Both parties would damage businesses through their plans to end free movement and deprive our fast-growing businesses of the talent they need to compete globally.

    The Liberal Democrats are the natural party of business, with a clear plan to stop Brexit, save free movement and focus on addressing the real issues facing our economy.

    We will build a brighter future by securing the UK's place as a global research powerhouse, supporting our entrepreneurs, and creating good jobs in new and growing industries.

  • Boris Attack
    Article: Dec 6, 2019
    By Liberal Democrats

    There are just days to go until the UK goes to the polls in the 2019 general election. Now, more than ever, it's crucial that we stop Boris Johnson in his pursuit of a hard Brexit and a far-right Conservative government.

    If you weren't already convinced, here are just a few things Johnson would do to Britain if he manages to stay in No. 10 and why we must stop him.

  • Brexit lies
    Article: Dec 6, 2019

    This is a biggie from the Prime Minister. He recently told an assembled audience in Northern Ireland that; "there will be no forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind [between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK]."

    It's guaranteed that if we leave the European Union, and there's a border down the Irish sea, then there will be paperwork, checks and barriers.

  • Stop Brexit! Build A Brighter Future
    Article: Dec 5, 2019

    We're unwrapping the twelve biggest lies of Brexit! 🎄

    Fourth on our festive misinformation list, this completely untrue claim from Gove.

    There is actually a single market for services 👇https://www.libdems.org.uk/12-lies-of-brexit

    Embedded video

    This disinformation comes courtesy of Michael Gove. He claimed on Radio 4 that "At the moment we do not have a single market for services even within the European Union".

  • Stop Brexit
    Article: Dec 5, 2019

    We're unwrapping the twelve biggest lies of Brexit!

    Third up, this creative take on the UK's economy.

    We've actually taken a £70 billion hit 👇https://www.libdems.org.uk/12-lies-of-brexit

    Embedded video
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    "The UK economy is performing strongly," said Kwasi Kwarteng, Conservative Business Minister, "much more strongly than [the] doom-mongers and naysayers have suggested."

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