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Lib Dem group with Vince Cable - narrow format

  • NHS Coronavirus information
    Article: Apr 1, 2020

    The call follows reports that doctors, nurses and paramedics will automatically have their visas extended, free of charge, for one year.

    The coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented threat and people are rightly worried. In times like this, we cannot thank front-line staff enough for going above and beyond to look after us all.

    Extending the visas in the NHS is welcome, but the Government must also do so much more for the social care system and urgently rollout adequate PPE and testing.

  • Article: Apr 1, 2020

    Ed Davey responds to Foreign Secretary's update on coronavirus

    Responding to yesterday evening's update on coronavirus from the Foreign Secretary, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

    "Reports from many British citizens stuck overseas bring home the reality of the global scale of this crisis. Many have been in a desperate position, unsure whether they will be able to secure accommodation or access adequate supplies.

    "The Foreign Office must ensure that British citizens will be able to return home, wherever they have been stranded, without exception.

  • Stratton Road ()
    Article: Mar 25, 2020

    Will you help Cllr Tom Fidler by completing an Evidence Form?

    Councillor Tom Fidler's Right of Way application has finally gone live on the Surrey County Council website for people to submit evidence forms that the footpath running through the field at Stratton Road to Laytons Lane. This legal procedure means that the footpath is added as a legitimate right of way that should be legally recognised and protected on the definitive map. This would mean that this route has to be protected.

    The path has been most commonly used for access to Bishop Wand school. One entrance is on Stratton Road, near the junction with Rooksmead Road. The other entrance is on Laytons Lane through the fence (Plans must include the stretch of road leading up to past the school to the houses on Laytons lane - See example at the bottom of the page).

    However, for this project to succeed, Cllr Fidler needs as many evidence forms completed as possible. These forms, and any other sources, can be submitted to the Countryside Access Team to prove that this path has existed and been used for over 35 years (at time of writing).

    Commenting Tom Fidler said: "The more evidence forms, the stronger the case. We also need to cover as many years as possible, so the further back historically people have genuinely used the path, the better!
    I see people walking this route daily, and know from discussions with parents of Children at Bishop Wand, Dog Walkers and people trying to keep fit and active how important this route is to our community. The more information we have on this and any historic photos that show the route would be much appreciated"

    Some Guidance and Advice:

    Alongside this Right of Way project, Spelthorne Liberal Democrats are working hard across Sunbury to ensure that our key pedestrian routes are protected and that Sunbury remains the green and open area that makes it such a wonderful place to live.

    In the meantime, the whole Spelthorne Liberal Democrat team are available to help those feeling at risk during this difficult time. We are working with many local agencies and the Council to help support residents as much as possible, but do not hesitate to get in touch if we can be of any assistance.

    A sample completed form can be found here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zMNM6ILimro9yr8nAmlzKUX6BneBp6Fg/view?usp=sharing

    An mage of a sample plan can be seen below:

  • Coronavisus Update from Spelthorne Liberal Democrats (Photo by Vektor Kunst at Pizabay)
    Article: Mar 19, 2020

    Coronavirus Update 19/03/2020 - How you can help

    As the pandemic continues, we are doing our best to help continue to get information to those most in need. As such, we have the following update for you to note:

    Government Advice

    The latest information from the Government can be found here - https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response
    It is all of our responsibility to act in the best interests of the community and therefore to follow the medical advice we are given. This can be difficult, but please do follow advice on social distancing and seek advice as you need it.

  • Coronovirus Update Spelthorne Liberal Democrats (Image by Vektor Kunst from Pixabay)
    Article: Mar 15, 2020

    We are in unprecedented times as Corona Virus looks set to change our lives for the foreseeable future. Our most important statement is to ensure that people do the best they can to protect themselves and remain as calm as possible. There is lots of information that is shared online, our message is simple - Please follow the advice coming from Public Health England and use the 111 service online for advice on self-isolation. More information can be found on the Spelthorne Council site.

  • Dark clouds over Green Belt (Photo by Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash)
    Article: Mar 3, 2020

    A response from the Spelthorne Liberal Democrats

    Spelthorne Liberal Democrats are disappointed that the discussion of the releasing of Green Belt site as part of the development of the Local Plan will continue to proceed without full council input and a lack of public-facing information.

    At the Council meeting on the 27th February, a petition of over 5,000 signatories was presented for council consideration. The Lib Dem team tried to reject the option 'to note the petition and keep the item under review' as thus far there has been little evidence from the Council that the Green Belt sites allocated will be reconsidered, given the great social and environmental value they have. The vote was 13-13, with the Deputy Mayor having the casting vote to support the proposed action called for by the Conservatives. On the evening, despite the importance of the meeting for the decision on the Green Belt and the budget, 10 Conservative Councillors did not attend.

  • Cllrs Nichola Cornes and Chris Bateson at LibDem Saturday Surgery in Staines Library (Spelthorne Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Mar 3, 2020

    Not nearly as scary as you might think!

    Local Sunbury East councillor Kathy Grant explains "They are very informal drop-in style sessions. Two or three councillors sit in a dedicated space at Sunbury Library [also Staines Library] and local residents can come and talk to us about local issues or problems."

    Bernie Spoor (Sunbury Common) continues "Often there is a common complaint, typically on a planning issue. Otherwise, they are completely fed up with a very local situation - planning, parking, fly-tipping, drug dealing, anti-social behaviour. They come into the surgery as they believe we can open different doors and often we can."

    Over in Staines Library, Staines South Councillors Nichola Cornes and Chris Bateson are in attendance. "We get a few in from not only our own ward but two neighbouring wards, Staines Town and Riverside & Laleham" explains Chris. Nichola adds "And sometimes I am sure they are just curious - they gingerly turn up and before you know it we are mulling over local issues with a cup of tea and, if they are lucky, a biscuit."

    Long time councillor, and leader of the Spelthorne Liberal Democrats, Sandra Dunn recalls "one member of the public who turned up asking if we could remove a cyst. I had to explain we were not that kind of surgery!"


    Sunbury Library 1st Saturday in the month from 1030 - 1230.
    Staines Library 1st Saturday in the month from 1030 - 1300.

    You can be a resident of any local ward to turn up and any local person is welcome.

    Pictured: Cllrs Nichola Cornes and Chris Bateson at LibDem Saturday Surgery in Staines Library

  • Cllr Sandra Dunn at the Eco Park (Spelthorne Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Feb 29, 2020

    The commissioning of the Charlton Lane gasifier is more than 2 years late.

    It is still being commissioned and must conform to Environment Agency certification requirements. However, the operators have said that assuming no issues are highlighted, it will be operational towards the end of March or early April. The Anaerobic Digester is now fully tested and accepting food waste.

  • Kathy Grant, Environment Spokesperson
    Article: Feb 27, 2020

    By Cllr Kathy Grant, Liberal Democrat Environment Spokesperson

    Whilst we're delighted to see the Council take steps in the right direction, we are keeping up the pressure to ensure that Council Policy reflects our green credentials. The task group was established thanks to increasing pressure from opposition Councillors to take the issue seriously and we have shifted the Council's stance on Heathrow in the right direction, but the administration has continued to resist opposition.

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