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Update on the Waste Issues facing Spelthorne by Councillor Ian Beardsmore

May 24, 2006 5:23 PM
Councillor Ian Beardsmore

Councillor Ian Beardsmore

People are confused by the various waste consultations coming out of Surrey, a situation not helped by poor presentation and lack of explanation. I hope this will go some way to explaining the current situation.

In essence there are three distinct elements each with their own consultations, that reflects the roles various authorities, especially Surrey, have. The first two from Surrey have already happened, 0ne these along with work from the Boroughs will form a third document, the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (JMWMS).

1. Draft Waste Plan : The Preferred Plan

This document went out for consultation last autumn, closing mid-December. This comes from the role of Surrey County Council as the .

This basically sets out the County's overall strategy of where and how household waste should be handled. It deals with waste disposal in practical terms of what facilities are needed and where they should be. Following a meeting of the executive of Surrey County Council in January 2006, it was decided that the preferred option put forward is a mass burn incinerator' at Capel near Dorking, with a second at one of two further preferred sites, one of which is Charlton Lane.

2. Waste Disposal Authority Draft Action Plan

Launched at the start of this year, this plan looks at how the County will deal with its household waste, from Surrey's other role as . This

includes a range of issues such as recycling initiatives, promoting minimisation and re-use. It takes some of the sites mentioned in the WPA Draft Waste Plan (above) and rejects or recommends them. Confusingly it also includes 8 sites not in the Draft Waste Plan, for consideration as waste handling sites of one sort or another.

This second plan in particular is part of a wider scheme and joins with the Waste Collection Plans of all 11 Districts and Borough in Surrey to form one final master plan!

3. Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (JMWMS)

Each Borough has produced its own waste plan covering the areas it deals with, i.e. collecting your household waste and kerbside recycling. These separate plans, along with Surrey's WDA draft plan, (2 above) will be bought together in the 'Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy'. This plan is being produced by a joint group of Councillors and officers from County and the Boroughs. The draft is for consultation at the end of May and will provide a county wide blue print for dealing with the County's waste for the next 20 years, with a major review every five years.

Not the easiest structure to get your head round, but neither Surrey or Spelthorne have done anything to try and explain the situation, hence this letter. May's JMWMS consultation is clearly important for all those concerned with this issue. But already serious worries have been voiced by Lib Dems at county, because the first element to be agreed was the Draft Waste Plan' though labelled as 'preferred' and 'still subject to consultation' the fact that what is in effect the solutions element has come first needs to watched carefully.