The Councilís Vision for Spelthorne

By 2026 Spelthorne will have become a more sustainable place to live and work, the economic and social needs of all residents will be met and the environment will have been successfully protected and where possible enhanced.

There will be an appropriate mix of housing to meet need including more affordable housing and more accommodation for an increasingly ageing population.

The significant flood risks affecting people and property will have been reduced

Further development will have been confined to the urban area and contributed to its improvement and be sustainable. As a consequence the Green Belt will have been maintained.

Uses with the potential to generate large amounts of traffic will have been located in town and other centres and locations accessible by non-car based travel. Use of non-car based travel will have increased and contributed to reducing congestion and resulted in improved air quality - which in Spelthorne is primarily traffic related.

The economy will be strong with the overall amount of business space maintained and renewed as required to meet business needs. Businesses will be more accessibly located and the Borough's residents will be better trained.

Staines will have continued to develop its role as a major shopping centre and location for related services meeting the needs of North Surrey. The other centres of Ashford, Shepperton and Sunbury and other local centres and larger parades will have maintained their role in providing local shopping and other services.

Recycling and renewable energy generation will have significantly increased and contributed to a reduction in the generation of CO2 and account taken of the implications of climate change.

The historic and natural environment of the Borough will be in as good a condition as now or better."